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Our Team

Siskiyou BioSurvey, LLC is an employee-owned partnership of nine scientists with a wide range of ecological expertise. We provide a professional team with technical knowledge of rare vascular plants, lichens, bryophytes and fungi taxonomy, wildlife biology, and terrestrial and riparian ecology. Our team provides small to large scale botanical and biological surveys, comprehensive restoration project design, project level survey design and management, GIS and mapping deliverables, and rare species and habitat research. We partner with associates in other fields to provide a full range of ecological and biological consulting needs. Decades of experience, sound management, and a team approach to our work combine to make our company a reliable and effective provider of ecological consulting services.

Meet the Team


Richard Brock

Richard Callagan

Greg Carey

Gretchen Vos

Mark Harris

Jason Clark

John Villella

Julie Spelletich

Jay D. Scelza


Beck Botanical Services

Geomorphis, LLC

Green Top Planning, Development, and Research

Steven L. Jessup, Ph.D.

David Kofranek Botany, LLC

Jesse Miller, Ph.D.